Remarks of Chief Judge Raymond Dearie, US District Court, Eastern District of New York, at the Grand Opening of The Gallery of Shorthand:

“It is so fitting that we find, in a very distinguished and historically sensitive way, an opportunity to salute that profession. I just cannot imagine where we would be in civilized society with our court system without the talent and professionalism of these men and women.

So while we enjoy this history, let it also stand as a monument to their enormous efforts and their dedication to the common good that we, as members of the court, litigants and lawyers, subscribe to every day.”

Remarks of Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, President, National Court Reporters Association, at the Gallery Grand Opening:

“The Gallery of Shorthand is about those of us who have preserved history… about our profession.”
“A friend asked, Have you ever seen anything like this Gallery? My response was, There IS nothing like this Gallery.

“I truly believe that there is nowhere a testament of this magnitude, of permanent exhibits to the importance of the court reporting profession…a beautiful and dignified presentation and a fresh perspective of the importance of the court reporting profession….”

Vivien Spitz – Nuremberg War Crimes Reporter, Chief House Reporter of Debates,
Author of “Doctors from Hell”:

“I am overwhelmed at what you have done, accomplished, that no other reporter has ever done. The exhibit is a great testament to the research you have put into this effort….”

Natie Flores Alvarado, CSR – Freelance Principal, California:

“Your legacy and gift will endure for years and be an inspiration to those of us who are lucky enough to share your profession. This one will go down in history!”

John P. Wenclawski – President, Stenograph:

“(The Gallery) is so much more than any past efforts that have tried to tell the story of court reporting. I cannot express how impressed I was.

The Gallery really tells the story. Everyone that is remotely related to this business owes it to themselves to visit. It is well worth the trip.”