"The site looks fantastic. No suprise there. Congratulations on creating yet again another inspirational and fascinating exploration into our fabulous profession for today's and future societies."

Adam H. Alweis, RPROfficial Reporter, Syracuse, NY

"This is a very impressive collection of history and information. Dom, you're a hero to our timeless profession! I'm so proud to call you a friend and a colleague. Congratulations on another milestone with the Gallery."

Lori M. JuddFreelance Reporter, CART Captioner, NV

"Those of us who grew up with Dom Tursi are not amazed that he would be the one to create the Gallery. His love for this profession is profound, as was his skills in reporting during the prime of our reporting careers. . . The shorthand profession has been enriched by his devotion and this, his finest creation has made all of us proud to be shorthand reporters."

Daniel Olarnick, CSR (ret.)Official Reporter, Teacher, NY

"I'm so glad that you have the website to accompany the brick-and-mortar location at the courthouse!! I can't wait for my next opportunity to take me NY-bound to see it in person. This site is a wonderful tool to be able to reference with my student mentees and new-reporter mentees. You are an incredible asset and ambassador to the profession!! Thank you!! :O)"

April MetzlerFreelance Reporter, IL

"All students of court reporting should have a module based on the history of the profession they are entering."

Ian RobertsFirm Owner, International

"I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the writers. I was imagining writing on some of them wondering what the extra keys were. Fascinating. You've done a great job, Don. Thank you so much for your hard work in putting this together. (I'm a former NY Official - 111 Centre St. NY Supreme)"

Jill FelicettiFreelance Reporter, FL

"Thank you, Mr. Tursi, for providing the world with such a rich and intriguing look into the history and value of our profession. It truly does this industry & all involved in it justice."

Alisson SandovalStudent, NY

"Wonderful job, Dom! Both the website and the actual physical gallery are an amazing tribute to the art of shorthand writing as well as to the professions of court reporting and captioning. Your love for both shines through!"

Anthony D. Frisolone, FAPR, RDR, CRROfficial Reporter, NY

"Thank you for putting all this together. I am a Palantypist for 25 years in the UK, I trained on a Palan 2000, then had a Palan Solo and now use a Clavius which I love. It's fascinating to see all the different machines and see the history of our wonderful profession. What a great site :)"

Julia JacobieFreelance Reporter, CART Captioner, UK

"What a fun and insightful gallery. I'm looking forward to seeing the physical gallery next time I visit New York."

Elizabeth BorrelliFreelance Reporter, CA

"A wonderful tribute to our fantastic profession!"

Georgina FordFreelance Reporter, International

"Great site, Dom. Thanks so much for putting everything together in such a professional way and making it available to the world. An awesome profession filled with wonderful, talented and caring people."

Glyn PoageFreelance Reporter, TX


Corina Barbosa LopesProfessora de Taquigrafia e Taquígrafa, Brasil

"Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece that preserves and promulgates our fantastic profession. Your dedication to and passion for our chosen occupation is remarkable, respected, and appreciated. Our history is safe in your hands. Only the best to you, Dom."

Christine WilletteFreelance Reporter, Firm Owner, WI

"Beautiful story-telling! the new web site is vibrant and beautiful."

Judy WolfOther, IL

"Thank you for paying tribute to our unique profession!
Your dedication to the gallery and to the profession is appreciated!"

Valerie RansomCART Captioner, CA

"My dad was a court reporter from the late 1960s just before I was born up until he passed away in 2007. He worked in district court, state court, federal court in both Atlanta and Miami and even owned his own court reporting firm here in Atlanta. I remember as a kid his transcribing notes to type up the transcripts. We were not allowed to go downstairs and make noise during the process. I saw the changes over 40 years in technology and efficiency. I even made money working for him formatting discs and proofreading transcripts. He would have loved to see what you have put together here and in your gallery there in New York!"

Angie KerschenGA

"I wish we could clone the Gallery of Shorthand and place it in every courthouse. Such a complete overview of the profession from top to bottom - past to future - it shares so much information in such an effective manner. Bravo!"

Marc GreenbergTeacher, OR

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